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Manage all types of processes related to the employee’s journey in a cross-functional way: onboardings, offboardings, promotions, and relocations.
Implement training plans to motivate your team and keep track of their progress in an orderly and up-to-date manner.
Listen to your employees, test the company’s climate, and measure their competencies and skills through performance evaluation processes.
Comply with regulations pertaining to your industry through efficient compliance management.

We don’t say it, our clients say it:

TramitApp provides us with a agile and effective tool for recording work hours. Customer service is excellent.

Gemma Vallvé

HR Department, Schmidt

We have been working with TramitApp for a year and the support service always helps us to solve doubts effectively and quickly.

Sagrario Romero

Administrative management of R&D, Marsi-Bionics

For us it has meant streamlining procedures. It is an eminently practical APP. It has facilitated communication with employees.

Leticia Fenoy

Legal and HR Director, COIIM

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Enjoy the features of TramitApp that interest you the most: time control, payroll management, planner…

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Create your first procedures. Configure them as you like with total freedom.

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Visualize your expectations regarding the hiring of a workforce management software
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