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Facial recognition time clock

Fully contactless, with no passwords or cards, eliminating the possibility of identity theft.
To clock in, simply approach the device and say “Hello”. The facial recognition feature will do the rest.

The employee’s face is the password


Unlike other biometric time tracking systems, facial recognition is contactless and completely hygienic.

Nothing else is needed

No cards, no passwords, no problems. Once a user’s face has been registered in the system, they can simply approach a kiosk.

Reduce costs

Only a tablet or a smartphone is needed. No malfunctions. No need to invest in installation or maintenance.

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Safety and hygiene come first

The alternative to fingerprint readers

The facial recognition attendance log system allows workers to clock in and out by simply holding a tablet or smartphone in front of their face. The facial recognition algorithms make identity theft impossible.
Forget about passwords and cards
No special machines to install
No maintenance fees

Biometric recognition

Time tracking via TramitApp’s facial recognition continues to work even if the user has decided to wear glasses or grow a beard. Compatible with iPad and Android tablets.
Recognizes facial parameters
Continues to work even if the user has grown a beard or shaved
Even with glasses or contact lenses. It always recognizes you

Easy to use and install

You can launch this system on your own. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and download the TramitApp Kiosk app. Compatible with iPad and Android tablets.
Install the app on a tablet
Place by the entrance of your workplace
Ask us to enable the facial recognition feature

Comprehensive time tracking

Unify the time tracking logs of users who clock in and out using a computer, smartphone or facial recognition, even between multiple locations and those who work from home.
Specific solutions for every employee
Unify your time tracking tools
All the information in one place

Voice activated

TramitApp’s facial recognition time tracking solution can be voice activated to prevent other types of contact.
Voice activated with a key word
Fully contactless
100% hygienic

Request your free demo

Request a demo and we'll show you how it works.
We give you 15 days of free access.

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