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Overtime tracker

Track overtime, calculate annual hours, and connect them with payroll. It has never been easier to manage overtime hours.

Full centralized control
No confusion, errors or misunderstandings


Employees log their overtime. Supervisors simply approve it in the app.

At a glance

Overtime reports easily by employee and project can be viewed. So you don’t miss a thing.

Updates payroll

Overtime information automatically updates the payroll information that is sent to the accounting agency.

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This prevents countless administrative errors

Fast and simple

Employees request overtime approval through the web portal or smartphone app.
Workers log their overtime
Managers receive a notification
They approve or reject the overtime

Comprehensive time tracking

The overtime module is connected with the time tracking system and the various attendance log systems, making it possible to have full control over who is working and when.
Hours are calculated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
The clock-in time is logged automatically
All the information is displayed in the calendar

Payroll updates

Our teleworking time tracking system is designed to be used intuitively by employees and managers.
Approving overtime trigger automate tasks
The system updates employee payroll
Reports available for managers

Hours chargeable to projects

In order to conveniently charge overtime and see what your team’s time is being spent on, the hours worked can be linked to a project.
View overtime by project
See who has worked overtime
Arranged by team or employee

Customized reports

We know that measuring is important. Which is why we have an entire reports module so you can manage data in the most useful manner.
View the information you need
Download the information in Excel format
Dozens of configurable fields

Request your free demo

Request a demo and we'll show you how it works.
We give you 15 days of free access.

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