The peace of mind of having all your employees under control at all times

We offer companies dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of offices and facilities, an organised management of their employees’ time, through a very easy to use software 🙂

We help you with:

Shift planning

Time management

The incorporations and departures of employees

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Time recording

This is what our Facility Services customers say:

The good thing about TramitApp is that it is a very intuitive tool and very simple for the worker. The use of this application has saved us time but also productivity.

Juan Carlos Fernández

General Director, 3LIM2000 Facility Services

Everything you need to control your company:

Forget about the lack of control in planning:

In just a few clicks

In just a few clicks, you can plan the shifts of your entire workforce, taking into account collective agreements, holidays and unavailability.

With artificial intelligence

System with artificial intelligence that helps you to plan by suggesting the employees you need for each shift, and the right people to cover it.

Say goodbye to absenteeism:

Multi-device clocking

Whether by web, app or kiosk.

With play and stop system

Simple to use, you press play when you start the day and stop when you finish it.

Geolocation of the clocking in and out

Geolocate the location of the signing, if you have roaming employees.

Leave behind the chaos in the incorporation and departure of employees:

Orderly and efficient management

Manage in an orderly and efficient way the joining and leaving of your employees.

Digital signature

We save you the paperwork and time consumed in this type of process, with the digital signature of documents through our platform.

Abandon disorganisation in your OSHA management:


Coordinate all types of Occupational Risk Prevention procedures.

With document management

Document manager where you can securely store all your documentation in the cloud.

Validate documents

Document validation through digital signature.

With time management connected and integrated between the different modules so that everything fits together:


The larger the team, the more time-consuming it is to manage the time off request by email. Improve the process by centralising it in a single management tool.


Employees can request leave from their mobile phone, indicating the type and reason for the leave.

Medical leave

The employee uploads the sick leave and sick leave reports by taking a photo with their mobile phone. Connect them with the payslips with a single click.

Digital signature of documents for everyone’s convenience:

Your employees sign documents easily from their mobile.
With full legal validity.
No need to call unnecessary meetings to sign.
Save paper for your company and the planet.

We adapt to the Facility Services sector because:

The app is very easy to use

We have found that even the most unskilled employees know how to use our app.

We think about the high staff turnover

You pay for current employees but keep the information of the old ones.

We take roaming employees into account

With geo-localised time recording via mobile phone, for employees who work outside the head office.

What does TramitApp give you?


The information we provide gives you plenty of scope to make changes to your planning without affecting your productivity.


You know when and where each employee’s working hours have been recorded. View them from your mobile or computer at any time.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you are in control and in one place. You know all the most important aspects of your staff’s performance.


To make decisions based on objective data that motivate you and help you to improve your company’s performance.

Trusted by more than 1500 companies

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