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Manage sick leave

Simplify how sick leave is managed by centralizing the entire process. Manage everything with a photo of the medical leave form.

Easy for employees and easy for managers.
Process sick leave with a few clicks of a button.


Employees conveniently process their own sick leave using their smartphone or computer.

A photo is sufficient

Workers upload their medical leave and clearance forms, directly from the doctor’s office, by simply taking a photo using their smartphone.

Connected with payroll

Once the request is received, the information is sent to the payroll manager with the click of a button.

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Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

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With a few clicks of a button

Employees submit their sick leave and medical clearance through their profile by taking a photo of the medical leave form.

The manager receives the medical leave form and the notification in their dashboard.

Receive instant notifications
Confirm that you have received the medical leave form
Keep everything under control effortlessly

Improve your communication

Employees manage their sick leave online or using their smartphone, and send the information to their manager.
No lengthy email exchanges
Messages are documented
Store all the documents in the employee’s profile
Permiso de hospitalización de familiar aprobado
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Improve coordination

The Company Calendar combines sick leave, absences and vacation days so you can coordinate teams easily.
Sick leave is displayed in the calendar
Authorized individuals have access
Everyone knows who is out on leave

Shifts integration

Sick leave makes it challenging to readjust work schedules and shifts. With TramitApp, you can avoid coordination problems.
Sick leave is managed quickly
Shifts are modified easily
The entire team is able to view the changes online
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foto baja médica

Process sick leave faster and more easily

Larger teams require are harder to coordinate. Improve the process by centralizing tasks in a single tool.
Workers submit their medical leave
Managers receive requests
They check the calendars and readjust the team

Modify payroll

Payroll incidents are an administrative headache. With TramitApp, everything is done automatically.
Payslips are modified by sick leave
Everything is documented in the employee’s file
The accounting firm receives the information automatically
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A computer with Internet access is not always available. The platform is accessible through any device, making it easy to perform tasks and queries.
Use our web portal or app
All the information is available from anywhere
Easy to use

Integrated with time tracking

Our tools are designed to make your job and that of your employees easier because everything is interconnected in TramitApp.
Sick leave modifies the number of hours
Avoid uncertainty regarding the number of hours worked and pending
Forget about managing the information in Excel
Control horario cuadrado con las ausencias
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Customized reports

TramitApp makes it easy for you to view reports segmented by employee, team or company. Forget about doing calculations on your own.
All the information at a glance
The data you need, when you need it
Download in Excel or CSV

Request your free demo

Request a demo and we'll show you how it works.
We give you 15 days of free access.

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