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Online document manager

The document manager module improves communication between a company and its employees. It transforms these tasks into a simple and real-time process.
Handle your company’s documents securely and comply with European data protection regulations (GDPR).

Information is updated, accessible and centralized

Always available

All the documents are stored and organized on the cloud so they can be viewed at any time.

Selective access

Companies can grant custom access permissions for each user profile.

100% secure

Our document manager complies with GDPR and the security systems are ISO 27001 certified

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An easy and secure way to comply with GDPR

gestor documental de empresa en el teléfono móvil

Your files in the cloud

We protect our users’ information. All documents are stored on secure servers with strong security measures.
We are ISO 27001 certified and our systems comply with GDPR. We also help companies comply with legal regulations.
Always accessible
From any device
Restricted access according to profile

Automates documents

Automatically organize the information produced by regular management tasks such as for sick leave, expense reports and payroll, with zero worries.
Company and employee profile
Employees have access to their own documents
Managers have access to all the profiles
gestor documental de empresa en el teléfono móvil
gestor documental de empresa en el teléfono móvil

Company profile

The company has a profile containing all the necessary documents for its day-to-day operations. The simplest way to keep documents organized and available at all times.
Regulatory documents, such as company policies
Arrange employee documents
Company schedules

Employee profile

Workers have access to their contracts, payslips, receipts and any other document at all times. Information is perfectly organized.
File away information effortlessly
Keep documents organized
Available to the company and workers
gestor documental de empresa en el teléfono móvil
gestor documental de empresa en el teléfono móvil

Sign documents online

Make it easier to sign documents in your company with an electronic signature system. Fully secure and legally binding.
Go paperless and sign documents online
Legally binding
As easy as signing with a finger

More secure than in the office

Our document manager is more secure than an actual file for papers. Our systems have undergone several audits and are managed by IT security experts.
100% secure servers
Restricted access according to profile
Comply with GDPR
gestor documental de empresa en el teléfono móvil

ISO-27001 certified

TramitApp is an ISO 27001 certified company. This standard ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all information as well as the systems that process it.

What our customers say about us

Easy-to-use tool fully adaptable to the particularities of our entity. Immediate and efficient service.
Patricia Cordo

Administrative-Financial Coordinator, Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation

We have felt very accompanied at all times by TramitApp, from the beginning they have helped us to adapt the Workday Registration tool to our needs, to acquire knowledge about its use and to solve the doubts that have arisen on a day-to-day basis. They are a great team and very involved in meeting the needs of their Client.
Pilar Caramés

People Management Area, Bankinter

The tools provided by TramitApp are a must for our day-to-day management, but the human team behind working for the client is the differential value
Belén Llana

Corporate HR Specialist, Restalia