Environmental Compliance: A Zero-Mile Journey

Promote environmental culture in your company and encourage practices that support nature conservation, managing environmental compliance with TramitApp. A management, monitoring and sustainable development plan that brings ethics and values to your organization.

Why should you have a compliance and sustainability plan?

Avoid sanctions from environmental crimes and bad practices

Promote ethical culture

Improve company reputation

Contribute to improving the environment

We help you with your company’s environmental compliance:

1) Environmental risk map

Manage the environmental risk map in your workplace.

2) Action plan

By implementing an organized and measurable action plan to help minimize risks.

3) Task checklist

By providing you with an ordered task checklist to carry out the action plan.

4) Compliance Officer

Notifying your company’s Compliance Officer of the status, monitoring, and reporting of those tasks in real time.

5) Document manager

Offering you a unique cloud document manager, where you can store all the necessary documentation.

6) Advanced digital signature

Validating documents through advanced digital signature, which facilitates tedious bureaucratic procedures and processes.

Having an Environmental Criminal Compliance Plan involves:

Knowledge of environmental regulations
Best practices
Sustainable and healthy work environments
Good corporate reputation

Avoid sanctions and make your company a sustainable workplace by regulating your environmental compliance

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