Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a safe journey to a happy destination

Take care of the health and well-being of your team through a policy of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with strict corporate compliance, thanks to our OSHA management software. An effective and organized system that will allow you to have any procedures related to the safety and health of your workers under control.

An effective OSHA:

Avoids sanctions

Creates safe working environments

Anticipates risks

Promotes work ethics

We manage all types of OSHA procedures in an orderly and efficient manner:

Occupational health

Medical examinations, check-ups, and promotion of mandatory compliance patterns and protocols to prevent injuries and future medical problems derived from work activity.

Food handling 

We take care of the processes derived from the training in food hygiene of companies in the sector: class schedule, invitation, sending of documentation, signing of procedures, etc…

Money laundering

We implement communication, training, and awareness procedures to avoid money laundering within your staff.

We provide your Compliance Officer with:

The management of all the OSHA documentation of your company in an easily accessible but completely secure tool.
Ordered and optimized management of task distribution.
Savings in repetitive procedures and communications through notifications within the platform.
Formulation of documents with digital signature.
Sending of certified emails with legal validity.
Reporting of the status of processes.
Integration with the company’s ERP.

The management of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration processes in TramitApp:

1. Organization phase

We study your organization, knowing its context, what type of relationships it has with the administration and others, in order to identify compliance risks and the type of regulation to manage.

2. Planning phase

We evaluate potential risks within the company’s work activity and establish objectives to improve safety and health at work.

3. Execution phase

We implement tasks and procedures that help improve those safety and health indicators at work.

4. Control phase

We carry out a report of the activities carried out and the objectives achieved.

Bring security to your workers with the occupational safety and health administration management platform that will allow you to have everything under control 😉

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