Direct the talent of your team with performance evaluation processes

Evaluate employee performance and satisfaction levels with TramitApp’s performance evaluation processes, a smart system that objectively and professionally evaluates all variables related to your team’s performance, to develop its potential and increase your productivity.

Advantages of performance evaluation:

Appreciate your team’s performance and potential

Predict potential problems

Provide employee feedback

Improves work quality and inter-colleague relationships

We implement the type of evaluation that best fits your goals

360-degree evaluation model

Takes into account all evaluation perspectives on the same scale, meaning it takes into account the vision of all profiles: managers, leaders, colleagues, subordinates and even customers.

270-degree evaluation model

Evaluation performed by workers to their superiors. They measure the leadership of organization leaders.

180-degree evaluation model

Evaluation performed by the worker’s colleagues, aspects such as communication or teamwork are analyzed.

90-degree evaluation model

Evaluation performed by the employee’s superior. Managers, leaders, or department heads will lead the performance trial. Its vision will bring quality feedback on the employee’s work in the company.


The employee’s own vision of their professional performance. Allows the employee to reflect on their journey in the company and to voice their own evaluation process.

Steps in TramitApp’s performance evaluation process

1) We analyze which indicators we will measure

Soft skills related to the worker’s behaviors, the employee’s hard or technical skills, and the quantitative or qualitative objectives arising from the company’s activity.

2) We choose the methodology to apply based on the parameters to analyze

Which performance evaluation model to implement.

3) We assign roles to each performance evaluation process

Who will analyze what.

4) We send the evaluation

We send the tests to the evaluation managers and the evaluators, so they can fill them out relaxed and without pressure.

5) We activate evaluation tracking

We check the status of the evaluation, who has filled it out and who is doing it, to have real-time tracking.

6) We generate reports

Through our software developed for evaluation, we collect all data and translate it into clear, concise, and easy-to-interpret reports.

7) We communicate the results

This phase is the most delicate but also the most important. The results of the evaluations are communicated to the employees and their superiors to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

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