Training management, a flight plan and learning

We created a useful guide with all the steps you need to follow to start a training plan in your company: contact with suppliers, scheduling of training sessions, documentation to be completed. Everything you need to improve your workforce expertise.

By creating a training plan you will:

Establish real and achievable learning goals.

That they are realistic and achievable.

Encourage employee knowledge.

Having all the information at your fingertips.

Enhance talent retention.

To not let go of what truly contributes to your company.

This is how we manage training at TramitApp: a 4-step system

1. Adaptation and implementation

of the training management plan, according to your needs.

2. Management

of the training plan from the platform.

3. Monitoring

of the training follow-up, having access to its different stages.

4. Survey

to evaluate worker satisfaction.

Our software manages training smoothly

Facilitates worker access to available documentation from their profile
Tracks training from the platform
Uses electronic signature to follow employee attendance
Uses certified email to notify the worker of all necessary information
Sends satisfaction surveys at the end of the course
Strengthens communication with the employee from one place

You can create your own training procedures:

1) With customizable templates

With steps to add or remove to your liking.

2) Adding information for each employee

For each employee enrolled in the course, having it at hand when you need it.

Firma electrónica

3) Offering electronic attendance signature

With full legal validity.

4) With a document manager

Safely and accessible store all the documentation you upload.

Trusted by more than 1500 companies

Prioritize your employees’ training and we’ll handle the rest 😉