The perfect Onboarding process for employees

Your employees’ journey in the company starts with a great Onboarding. Offer them a perfect welcome plan that envelops them, reduces their uncertainty, and creates an excellent first impression, thanks to our Onboarding processes for employees.

Easy-to-implement employee welcome plan

We guide you in creating the perfect path during these first days of the employee in your company.

We guide you in creating the perfect path during these first days of the employee in your company.

We offer you:

Guided processes that automate recurring tasks.
Customizable templates to meet your needs.
Digital signature of documents.
Role creation and task assignment based on profile.
Quick and simple setup.
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With TramitApp Onboarding, everyone arrives at their destination

Benefits of Onboarding processes for employees

Increases motivation
Reduces uncertainty
Improves the working environment

Benefits of Onboarding processes for the company

Encourages talent retention
Increases new employee productivity
Creates an excellent first impression of the company

Here is our landing protocol for employees

1. Administrative phase

Document request and closure of the usual formalities for the new candidate’s incorporation.

2. Welcome phase

Welcome communication, values and company culture manual.

3. Training and startup phase

Personnel integration plans for training and startup.

4. Follow-up phase

Evaluation tests and periodic follow-ups.

From our Onboarding platform, you can:

Assign roles and tasks to people from different departments.
Know who is responsible for each phase.
See employees who are in the middle of their Onboarding.
Check all phases of the process.
Add comments to tasks.
Create notifications and automations.

Digital Onboarding for remote incorporations

Thanks to digitizing the process, you will have everything ready if you need or prefer to perform the Onboarding 100% digitally with your remote employees.

Advantages of digital Onboarding

Reduced costs due to the ability to automate a large part of the process.
No need to go to the same workspace.
Carry out Onboarding tasks from anywhere and at any time.

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