Promotions to fly high

Why look for talent outside when you can do it within your staff? With TramitApp’s promotion plans, you will take advantage of the knowledge, training and experience of your employees, to create an internal promotion and relocation system that optimizes resources and encourages your team’s motivation.

Do you know the difference between promotion and new hiring?


Shorter adaptation period because the worker already knows the company culture and processes.
Saves costs associated with a new hire.
Encourages motivation of the staff and a desire to grow within the company.
Generates employee branding among employees by feeling valued by the organization.

New hiring:

Longer adaptation period, the new employee must undergo an onboarding and training process.
Involves more resource and time costs, taking into account the process of selecting the new candidate.
Can generate reluctance and demotivation in the staff, seeing that the focus is on external talent for a position that could be performed by someone in the company.

Types of promotion and relocation plans:

Point promotion 

Promotion with a determined and finite duration period. It serves to cover a leave or surplus.

Vertical promotion 

Promotion to a higher position, with a corresponding salary increase and responsibilities.


Relocation or transfer of the employee to a different department or a different position within the same department. It does not involve a higher job category.

Vertical relocation 

Change of the employee to another department with a higher category than they already had.

This is how promotions work with TramitApp:

1) Customizable templates

We create customizable templates that provide you with the necessary tools to study the needs of your company.

2) Tasks to define positions

We implement tasks that help you define the positions you need to incorporate.

3) Performance evaluation surveys

We conduct performance evaluation surveys for each of the candidates.

4) Training plan

We create a training plan that helps the promoted employee complete the necessary knowledge for that position.

5) Comunication

We communicate the decision to the team.

Is what interests your company a succession plan?

From TramitApp, we also manage succession plans that guarantee the succession of key employees in your business, such as partners or executives, in a safe and efficient manner.

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Establishing an organized promotion plan contributes to creating an equitable company philosophy 😊