Prices for our human resources software

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TramitApp HRIS: The heart of TramitApp

With the TramitApp HRIS module, we help you manage all the usual Human Resources procedures in your company. Your employees can access all their information, consult it, or modify it.

The module also includes access to our Premium Support, highly recommended by our customers.

Implementation of your company’s data into the platform is also included.

Time Management: Time tracking and more

Thanks to Time Management, you can manage schedules, permissions, vacations, and time tracking for workers all in one tool.

Combine clock-ins at various workplaces, via internet and from mobile. Discover all the functionalities to comply with the law.

It also includes all the functionalities of the TramitApp HRIS plan.

Smart Planner: Artificial intelligence applied to workforce management

With the Smart Planner plan, create the schedule planning of the entire staff in a matter of seconds.

A system adapted to your type of company. Workers themselves make changes to their schedules under your supervision.

This plan includes all the functionalities of the Time Management module.

People Operations: All stages of employee life in one app

Free yourself from heavy and repetitive tasks in your Human Resources department, and make way for processes that create value and encourage communication, connection, and employee branding among your employees with People Operations.