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Expense reporting

The expense management module improves communication between a company and its employees, making it simple to manage receipts, per diem allowances and mileage in real time.

Information is updated instantly.
Avoid unexpected receipts./h2>

A photo is sufficient

Employees can take photos of their receipts and upload them to the app. The company receives the information in real time.

Automate the process

You can create multiple expense policies. Managers can approve expenses when they occur.

Updates payroll

All the information for expenses, per diem allowances and mileage is automatically consolidated in the payslip so you don’t miss a thing.

ISO-27001 certified

TramitApp is an ISO 27001 certified company. This standard ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all information as well as the systems that process it.

Centralize how your business receipts are managed.

Receipts and invoices

Employees can submit an expense by merely taking a photo of the receipt. You will no longer have to remind your team to submit their expense receipts.
Create an expense report and take a photo of the receipt
The manager has access to all the information
Everything is stored in the employee’s file

Available on the spot

Expense receipts can now be processed in real time and verified using the photo of the receipt. No more incorrect expense reports at the end of the month. No more surprises.
Manage expenses in real time
Receipts are attached when creating the form
Approve or reject on the spot

Manage mileage reimbursement

It’s simple to manage travel expenses and mileage with TramitApp. Simply take a photo of the receipt when paying at the gas station.

Configure your own rate per kilometer or mile, and keep an updated log of your team’s travel. Configure multiple expense supervision levels for managers and administrative staff.

Simple for managers and employees
Monitor where and when expenses occur
Configurable rate per kilometer or mile

Per diem allowances and other expenses

Simplify the management of per diem allowances at work. Configure the type of per diem (partial, full, etc.) and process the data needed to be included payroll using the same app as all other HR tasks.
Forget about lost receipts
Avoid unexpected surprises by tracking expenses in real time
Expenses are automatically included in payroll

Balance the company card

When a new representation expense is created using the TramitApp platform, it can be marked whether the payment was made with the company cad. This allows you to balance the account simply by comparing the TramitApp card expense report with the card’s bank statement.
Easily check card expenses
Balance the statement with the expense report
Forget about checking receipts one by one
TramitApp Control Horario permite el registro horario con tarjeta

Connected to payroll

If per diem allowances, mileage and other expenses are taxed, the incident is automatically created in the payroll process.
Fully automate expense reimbursements
Approved expenses appear in the next payslip
The app sends this information to the accounting firm

Expense reports

Forget about manually entering expenses in an Excel file or requesting employee expenses every month. With TramitApp, you have automated and updated expense reports in real time.
View expenses by employee
Arrange them by period
Download the report with the click of a button

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