Smart Planner revolutionizes the management of your staff’s shifts

Change the way you schedule shifts with the use of Artificial Intelligence.
Create optimized schedules for your staff with just one click. Save time to focus on your priorities.
It seems like magic, right?

The magic planner that grants you 3 wishes

Schedule in a few clicks

Create the schedule of all the staff in seconds.

Self-management of employees

Employees themselves perform management on their shifts under your supervision.

Improve communication

Automatic notifications sent with the latest shift changes.

Why complicate things when you can make it much simpler

Save time to focus on what is important

Better scale your staff

Optimize your company’s resources

Improve communication between people

Solve problems in seconds

2 heads think better than 1

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources may seem like a utopia, but it is already a reality.

Always under your supervision, Smart Planner’s tools will take care of doing in seconds what can take you an eternity in planning processes.

What’s behind the magic?

At TramitApp, we have spent years studying and developing an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that is capable of solving the scheduling of work shifts, one of the most complex problems in the history of computing.

Steps for scheduling with Smart Planner

1) Setup

Establish your company’s criteria, as well as the locations, roles, or unavailability assigned to each employee.

2) Scheduling

Thanks to AI, we help you set up the shifts and meet the company’s needs. Without errors or overlaps.

3) Shift management

Consult, modify or publish the shifts. Manage unexpected events, shift changes and free shifts wherever you are.

4) Communication

Employees receive a notification on their mobile and email with the latest shifts and changes published.

Integrated with permissions and vacations

The shift schedule is perfectly integrated with the rest of HR tools. Information from time tracking, vacations, absences or payroll is automatically updated when the schedule is modified, avoiding a plethora of administrative errors and keeping the information always up to date.

Features that Smart Planner offers

Magic button: schedule shifts in one click

Create the schedule for the whole year in minutes
React to incidents and reschedule with a few clicks
Check if your staff is properly scaled

Shift schedule: all the information on multiple devices

Virtual assistant for scheduling
Multi-platform access for all employees. They will be able to see their own shifts and those of their teams if they are managers, see their annual hours balance, their vacations and leaves…
Employees suggest shift changes from the tool so that the responsible can authorize or deny it instantly

Templates and drafts: create without limits

Create new shifts from your own templates
Save as many drafts as you want
Publish them to the entire staff with just one click

Shifts on mobile: consult them wherever you are

The shift scheduling in the palm of your hand. View, modify and publish the scheduling of the workers through the app wherever you are.

Access to the schedule from anywhere
All shift management available from the app
An ally for communication with employees

Shift exchange

Avoid last-minute calls, uncomfortable three-way conversations and wasting time on simple management. TramitApp Smart Planner allows employees to self-manage their shifts and exchange them with colleagues, either with total freedom or under the authorization of their managers.

Employees can manage their own shifts
Speeds up management among colleagues
Shift exchange requests always supervised by a manager

Trusted by more than 1500 companies