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Advanced Shift Schedule

Planning your schedule a thousand times to make everything fit is no longer necessary… Try TramitApp’s intelligent shift schedule and explore a way of agile and error-free scheduling. 😉

Take shift organization to another level

Within reach of all

Access and consult the schedule from any device, wherever you are, through the app or web.

Ally for communication

 Employees receive an automatic notification when the schedule is changed or assigned by the responsible.

Virtual assistant

 Receive alerts for unavailability or overlapping shifts to avoid errors in scheduling.

What’s behind the magic?

At TramitApp, we’ve spent years studying to develop an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that is capable of solving shift scheduling, one of the most complex problems in the history of computing.

All shift information gathered in one place

Employees can manage their own shifts

In addition to viewing the schedule, workers can configure various options regarding their shifts from the platform.

They request shift changes with a colleague
Assign or release free shifts
The team leader approves or denies the changes

Intelligent schedule on mobile 

Access all the information also from your mobile device to consult or modify the schedule whenever you need it.

View the employee calendar
Edit shifts from the same app
Receive automatic notifications of changes

Manage day-to-day

Filter the information you want to see, check and enter work shifts and create as many schedules as you need.

Consult individually or by teams
Plan with the help of the virtual assistant
Access information on presences and absences

View it as you prefer

Employees and administrators choose how they want to see the schedule information. Get three different views by filtering the information by hours, weeks, or months.

Create custom schedule views
Check holidays or free days
Consult worked and scheduled hours balances

Optimize internal communication

Facilitate communication with your workers, who can see their shifts and schedules at all times, those of their colleagues, and request shift changes from the platform with the permission of the administrator.

Weekly email with employee shifts
Check on the schedule who is working
Modify and publish shifts directly from the draft

Integrated with other modules

TramitApp’s schedule is connected to the different HR tools to automatically update when modifying the information of check-ins, absences, or new hires.

Up-to-date information
Avoid a plethora of administrative errors
Makes a tedious process simple

Trusted by more than 1500 companies

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