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Mobile Scheduling

What could be easier than allowing employees to view their schedules on their mobile device? They can check their daily, weekly, or annual schedule on their TramitApp employee profile and receive notifications if there are any changes to their shifts. 🙂

All schedule information at the palm of your hand

100% accessible

Both managers and employees have access to the app from their mobile phone to check their schedules.

Simple for employees

Workers can check their schedule from their mobile to view their shifts, hours, and request shift changes with their colleagues.

Speeds up communication

Receive a notification on your mobile when schedules are published or modified. Avoid repetitive questions about your employees’ work hours and schedules.

View your work schedule wherever you are

The mobile is a tool we always have at hand, why not use it for scheduling shifts as well?

Combined optimization with convenience

Within reach of everyone

Workers and team leaders can install the TramitApp app on their mobile. No need for a powerful phone, just internet access.

Intuitive and easy-to-use app
For any operating system
No training required

Shift management in your hand

Speeds up shift scheduling by having all management options available on the app. Makes the task of team leaders simple and practical.

View schedule and work calendar
Consult and modify shifts
Check team vacations and absences

Practical for employees

Our app is perfect for all types of workers. Allows access to shift viewing whenever needed and managing various requests that will require approval from their team leader.

Request shift changes with a colleague
Assign or release free shifts
The manager approves or denies requests

From anywhere

No need to travel to the office or make calls to check schedules. View and request shift changes from the app with a few clicks.

Adapted to telework
Perfect for employees without a fixed work location
Ideal for decentralized teams

Receive automatic shift notifications

Modify shifts from any device and employees will receive a notification on their mobile with the shift change, being able to check the schedule whenever needed.

Automatic notification sending
Promotes internal company communication
Manage shift changes from the app

Trusted by more than 1500 companies

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What our customers say about us

Easy-to-use tool fully adaptable to the particularities of our entity. Immediate and efficient service.
Patricia Cordo

Administrative-Financial Coordinator, Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation

We have felt very accompanied at all times by TramitApp, from the beginning they have helped us to adapt the Workday Registration tool to our needs, to acquire knowledge about its use and to solve the doubts that have arisen on a day-to-day basis. They are a great team and very involved in meeting the needs of their Client.
Pilar Caramés

People Management Area, Bankinter

The tools provided by TramitApp are a must for our day-to-day management, but the human team behind working for the client is the differential value
Belén Llana

Corporate HR Specialist, Restalia