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Whistleblowing system

The whistleblower hotline enables your employees and other stakeholders to report any irregularities or misconduct anonymously and confidentially, in compliance with the EU whistleblower protection laws and GDPR. Prevent and detect fraud, corruption, and other unethical activities that could damage your company’s reputation.

Why use reporting software?

Anonymize employee reports

Whistleblowers protect their identity easily and in compliance with GDPR

Strengthen your anti-corruption guidelines

You will keep corruption at bay with a complete and effective fraud line

Comply with the Whistleblower Directive

With the reporting channel, you cover all legal requirements regarding your country

Empresa certificada ISO-27001

TramitApp es una empresa certificada en la ISO 27001. Esta norma asegura la confidencialidad y la integridad de toda la información así como de los sistemas que la procesan.

¿Cómo es nuestro canal de denuncias?

Ensures anonymity and confidentiality when reporting irregularities

ID system that guarantees the anonymity of the whistleblower if requested
No need for the employee or third party to reveal their identity, thus protecting their integrity
Encourages responsibility in the organization, as it obliges leaders to take action to address any reported problems

Open a public speak-up line

Comply with the law by allowing access to all interested parties
Both internal and public access, increasing the diversity of whistleblowers
By allowing public access, you can identify problems that may not have been detected internally
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Follow the process in real time

You can check at any time what state the report is in
Accessible both to the whistleblower and the supervisor, they will only need their ID code
A very simple and intuitive process, from submitting the report to completing the procedure

Benefits of implementing a fraud line

Detect possible irregularities or behaviors contrary to the law or the company’s internal regulations in advance

Make appropriate use of the company’s disciplinary regime and penalize those who commit irregularities

Collaborate with the judicial investigation, if there is a criminal procedure related to the company

Mitigate the company’s criminal liability, in case a crime has been committed by one of its members
Implement the reporting channel.

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